01 October 2011

New Ribbon Storage!

I'm in the process of re-vamping my craft space. While functional and organized, it has never been a place which inspires me. I finally decided that I spend so much time in this space that it really needs to feel good to me.

Among many changes, I decided to change the way I store my ribbon. I'm not a huge ribbon person anyway, but the way I had it stored was making me even less likely to use it. As you can see in this photo, Lily and I had organized the ribbon onto floss spools (in rainbow-color order!). I loved how it looked and we worked very hard on that system, but I found that once the ribbon was wound, it was cumbersome to remove from the box. Then of course I had to IRON each piece of ribbon I used because of the creases! 

So (I admit, with a twinge of sadness), I took all of the ribbon off the spools and pared it down to that which I will actually use. I put the ribbon and twine I wanted to keep into jars. I've been using a jar for scraps of ribbon over the past year and don't mind it at all -- it's easy to access and wrinkle-free!

 I know many people who store their ribbon in jars and love how it looks. Not me. I have learned that I am definitely a "closed storage" kind of person -- seeing all of that jumbled ribbon (even though it is sorted by color) drives me completely bonkers. I cannot stand visual clutter!

So I bought a few papers to match the fabric which I'll be using in the space...

...and I covered my jars in the paper! I made labels for the jars so the contents can be easily identified.

Now I am very, very happy with my ribbon storage! It's functional AND inspirational to me!


Sarah C. said...

So pretty! I wouldn't have thought to cover the jars - what a great idea. :)

Janet said...

Thank you, Sarah! I know some people would think that is crazy, but it works for me! :)

Heather said...

Very cute!