07 October 2011

Feline Friday: On Mi Wai to IU!

I am so exsited! Bailey invited mee to IU for dis weak end or maibee even to stai! I am all pakked an reddy to go! Her frend Katie will bee pickeen mee up!

I haz a small sootcaise an ezen a silver purrs to mach mi furs! I haz ben waiteen a long tyme fur mi invitashun!

Heer is what all I pakked:

My passpurt -- cuz we r goeen to cross da stait lynes!
Sum twine -- I choosed red an wite fur IU!
A pennant -- in case I get to go to da gaim an see da band!
Temptashuns -- but I maybe eeated dem alreddie
Mi Luckie Puffball -- to plai wif in da dorms!
Two maik-up brushes -- to luk prettie fur da boiz an also becuz day fit in my purrs!

I haf to be shur it all fitz!

An it duz! I mite even ware maikup on da trip to IU!

Uh oh, Mom can wee pakk sum moar Temptashuns?

Gud bai, Tinsul! I will miss u!!! KISS KISS

I will juss wate heer bi da door fur Katie! I cant wate to go to collij!

Note from Lily's Mom: Lily only THINKS she is going to IU! While Bailey would love to have her there, she is not allowed in the dorms, even though Lily thinks it would be quite fun! I need to find a way to break the news to her... ;)


Heather said...

So are cats really allowed in the dorms? Or is this just to be cute? (It's too early and I haven't had my coffee yet...LOL)

Janet said...

No, Lily just THINKS she's going to IU. She would not be allowed in the dorm! :)

Heather said...

OK, So I feel silly now. I was like, "HUH?" thinking surely not...Like I said, still working on my daily coffee intake!! ;) Cute post though!

Janet said...

haha You are not the only one who thought that, Heather! :) I put a little note on Lily's post so as not to alarm anybody else! :)

Heather said...

Glad I'm not alone! Just to clarify, though, I wasn't alarmed...I was thinking, "What a cool college!!" ;)

Janet said...

LOL Yes, that would be awesome! I'm sure if it were allowed, Bailey would definitely take Lily!

Daisy said...

It looks like you have everything you need for a great trip! I love your tiny suitcase.

Kristina said...

I thought "That's cool that Bailey can do that". :0 I don't know what Gizmo is going to do when Connor goes away. I hope Lily is too disappointed. :)

katie said...

Janet...this is one of my all time favorite posts! LOL several times!! LOVE the purse!!!