22 August 2008

We need YOUR votes!

My friend, Connie, a very talented scrapbooker, has entered a contest at Scrapbooks, Etc. Connie's adorable layout made the first cut and now she is in the midst of the second round of judging, competing with 9 other layouts in the Summer Challenge competition. I tell you the truth...The excitement is almost as intense as Rock of Love, Season 2! lol :-)

Please jump on over to Scrapbooks, Etc. and click on the blue bar, "Vote: Week 10 Finalists". Select Connie's thumbnail layout ("Love That Guy"...look for the red heart) first, then register with the site to vote for it (it just takes a minute). You can vote every day until this round of judging is over!

I'm sure you will agree that the photo of her son is priceless! I love how she used the space on her page to create an exciting and eye catching design.

Good luck, Connie, and congratulations on making it to this round of competition!

Thanks, everybody!


Connie said...

Thanks for posting this, Janet, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to vote for me! But I'll have to say, this may not be quite as exciting as Rock of Love! LOL

denali said...

Voted :)

(Yes, I take direction well. Anything to support a friend of the woman who allowed Lily to craft with her ;) )

Linda said...

Thanks for the link I will pop over there next.

Lily said...

anyting for you my friend. Once the kiddos are in bed I will scoot over there and vote. Congrats to your bussy. that's quite an accomplishment

Lynn said...

I voted!