09 August 2008

Cat show prep underway

The state fair household pet cat show is tomorrow. I took another look at the rules today.

Household Pet Cat Show Rule #6: Cats are judged mainly on condition, beauty, and grooming, with some attention paid to personality and stage presence.

We know that Lily may have some issues in the "personality and stage presence" areas, so in an effort to boost our scores in the "beauty" and "grooming" categories, Lily has spent the evening at her own private spa. We trimmed her nails and carefully brushed her fur. The last step in her beauty routine was the dreaded bath. The idea is for the judges to be so distracted by her attractiveness that they overlook her snarling, biting, and growling behavior.

We put a couple of inches of warm water in the tub and then placed Lily in it.
Soon Daughter joined her in the tub.

A quick shampoo/conditioner treatment followed (the operative word being "quick"). Next, Lily was thoroughly (I hope) rinsed.

After her rinse, we provided Lily with a towel for comfort and warmth. She doesn't look too happy. I think she would have preferred the pink one.

Then Lily was left alone to do her own styling.

Daughter and I discussed giving Lily one of Tinsel's Prozac pills prior to the show but decided against it. We certainly do not want to be found guilty of doping.
:-) But I may take one myself.

Thank you to all who have sent good luck wishes to Lily! Look for a complete cat show report Sunday evening or Monday. Or earlier, if we're disqualified for bad behavior in the ring. :-)


Kristina said...

I'll be thinking about you all tomorrow! Good luck and I hope you bring home a ribbon.

Maureen said...

Ha! Best of luck today Janet!!! Those photos are great.

toners said...

ROFL!! Good luck to all of you...looking forward to hearing how it goes!

Cheri said...

Can't wait to hear how it went! ROTFL on the "doping"...NOT a bad idea at all!:)