05 August 2008

More Caramel Chip Bars

In case you need more evidence of how good these bars are, I present this:

Sorry for the blur. I think you get the idea, though!

Thanks for all the nice comments you left for my daughter! If she doesn't get a ribbon on the bars this year, I'll be really surprised. Next time you need a great recipe to take to a family gathering or party, this is it.

Right now, Daughter is making zucchini bread and some new kind of s'mores treat to enter in competition. You can't put all your eggs in one basket, you know.

Gosh, our kitchen smells really good today. :-)


Sarah C. said...

You are so evil! As if I wasn't drooling enough. LOL :D Yup, she definitely deserves a blue ribbon. :)

toners said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all that yummy chocolatey goodness :) Do you think a non-baker could manage this recipe? :)

Janet said...

Sarah-Ha ha! They are SO good! If you don't care about calorie counts, make this recipe! :-)

Toni-Absolutely! I can even make this recipe, and I'm basically inept in the kitchen! lol

Lily said...


Sarah C. said...

Janet, technically I'm on a diet. Halfway to my goal of losing 40lbs this year. (whoohooo!) But I might have to splurge a bit and try these. They look so good!