28 February 2007

Thinking Ahead to Mother's Day

Well, I finished up a little Mother's Day take-home project for the store today. As you can see by these pictures, I had some help with the photography. Look at that naughty white paw!

This book was made by hand using the Harmony line by Paper Salon. I've always loved the color and design of this line. Well, I love just about all of Paper Salon's lines, for that matter. The idea is to fill this little book with photos about what your mom means to you. It will function as both a Mother's Day card and gift.

I started with one sheet each of seven different double-sided patterned papers (which are more like cardstock) and cut them in 4x12 strips. Then I sliced off the short ends of each strip to create a staggered or graduated design, where each page is 1/2 inch shorter than the page next to it. I used the trusty Crop-a-Dile (love that thing) to punch two holes in the fold of each page, then tied them together with a ribbon. I used a set of Harmony tags and printed a poem to run throughout the booklet.

This was a fun project, and if I hadn't had a certain four-legged helper by my side (and on my lap) throughout the process, it would have been finished relatively quickly.


toners said...

What a cute project - the colors are gorgeous! Great job :)

Lynn said...

Great project! I just love all the wonderful colors. Thank goodness you had a little helper, lol.