13 February 2007

Could this be a paying gig?

Last night, DH came home with a tiny, black t-shirt emblazoned with the logo for Crizal, a brand of anti-reflective lenses used in eyeglasses. The t-shirt was presumably meant for a promotional teddy bear that has yet to arrive in the mail. "Here. Dress your cat," he said flatly and with an appropriate degree of disinterest, handing me the shirt.

DD and I are always eager to dress cats, and in no time at all, Lily was sporting the Crizal t-shirt. "This shirt couldn't have been designed for a cat," reasoned DD earnestly. "Look at the sleeves. They're on the sides of the shirt. If this shirt were for a cat, the sleeves would be on the front." I had to agree with her: When the marketing people were sitting around the board room putting together this ad campaign, somehow I could not picture them saying, "Hey, let's make tiny promotional t-shirts for cats. That's sure to move a ton of product."

Anyway, a photo shoot ensued, with DH casually mentioning he'd try to get a shot with the logo in clear view
and send it off to the Crizal people.

"Pull the shirt down," he directed us. "It's riding up."

You've heard about those people who force their children to model or appear in television commercials, then lavishly live off the income. Do you think we could be headed down that path?

Crizal, we'll be waiting for your call.

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