05 February 2007

Does this make me a bad cat mom?

I'll bet there are some people who think that Lily has surely settled down by now. She is, after all, 10 months old. Well, just in case you were one of those people, let me take the opportunity to adjust your thinking. Here's a rundown of our morning so far:

* She was released from solitary confinement in the basement storage room at 5:45 am, where DH had lovingly placed her two hours prior.
* She immediately began climbing the walls and door frames (imagine the sound of claws on paint and woodwork, then imagine the sound of DH).
* She chewed on the iron cord, while the iron was PLUGGED IN.
* While taking laundry out of the dryer, I stepped away for a moment and when I returned, she had curled up in the dryer on the clean clothes.
* She ate her breakfast and some of Tinsel's, then cried for breakfast five more times. She jumped on the counter and pushed her food container off onto the floor.
* She knocked over the wastebasket in DD's bathroom and began flinging the contents all over the floor in a mad search for Kleenexes to eat.
* She continued her carpet removal project at the foot of the stairway (at this rate, we won't have to pay to have it removed) and ate several carpet fibers.
* While in solitary confinement a few days ago, she must have found some fake food from DD's old kitchen play set. For the past week, every time I turn around, I find a piece of fake lettuce or a hamburger patty. This morning I found a slice of fake baloney at the foot of my bed. Nice.

My solution to this chaos? Video Catnip.
Does this make me a Bad Cat Mom?


denali said...

It makes you a BRILLIANT cat mom! I LOVE it! A friend received a copy for Christmas and caught a great picture, too:


Maureen said...

Oh, that's hilarious! Every time my Dakotah eats the toilet paper off the roll, I think of Lily... I have to put all the Kleenex boxes upside down and close the bathroom doors to keep her from eating the papers / kleenex! Yes, I too, have resorted to CatTV.com to get her interested in something else...and she's over 2!

Maureen said...

I wouldn't say it makes you a bad cat mom. She is keeping you on your toes and your a great mom for not giving up on her. We had a kitten like that