27 July 2006

Recipes NOT Included

This week I'm preparing projects for next quarter's classes at our LSS. These are photos (albeit blurry) of a recipe flip book I've been working on, using the Deja Views paper pad, "Home for the Holidays" with a K&Co Life's Journey flip book. This was a fun and challenging project. Now to write up instructions for it!

I've done several recipe albums for our LSS. I find it really humorous that I have designed and taught so many different recipe album classes because I'm almost totally inept in the kitchen! I have very poorly developed domestic skills, and almost no desire to improve upon them! We always have a good laugh about this in my recipe classes. Obviously, the people who come to those classes CAN cook!

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Denise said...

This recipe book looks like a fun project. I've always wanted to do one - in fact, I'm going to put it on my 'project list' - it has a better chance of getting accomplished if it's on THE LIST! Thanks for sharing.