04 August 2017

Feline Friday: Yoga with Lily

We miss Tinsel every day. Tinsel had a whole set of little routines, one of which was doing yoga with me. She would weave in and out around my legs while I was on the mat, sometimes even standing under me (brave girl!) during a Downward Dog. After a bit of yoga, she'd move to the chair to supervise the rest of my practice.

Recently, Lily has started coming to the yoga mat with me. This was totally unexpected, as she has never shown an interest in yoga before! Now she weaves in and around my legs, just like Tinsel.

Sometimes she observes from across the room.

 And I often see her practicing her Reclined Twist pose on her own time. Good job, Lily!


Kristina Botts said...

Lily is very good at yoga! All three of mine like to gather around and stare at me while I'm on the mat. I hope they are not making fun of my form. :)

Kimberly Marie said...

Yay!! So happy Lily is taking part in Yoga with you now!! How wonderful and healing for you both. Hugs to you, my friend!!

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies! Lily's a good yoga buddy but she could stand to work a LITTLE harder! :)