11 August 2017

Feline Friday: Baked Goods Shenanigans

Recently, Spouse and I picked up a raspberry strudel at the grocery store, something which we never do, but it was the weekend and we indulged our sweet tooth (teeth?) just a little bit. When we lived in Chicago, we used to buy strudels quite often. Of course we were younger and smaller then! :)

For some reason, we totally forgot to hide the raspberry strudel from Lily. Within minutes of its arrival, she was up on the counter inspecting it.

 I shamelessly allowed this naughty behavior to continue for a bit because I wanted to see just how far Lily would go. Answer: ALL THE WAY, if allowed!

I watched as she pawed at the plastic cover.....

...and even bit it!

Over the years, she has perfected her arsenal of techniques, allowing her to access most any type of baked goods!

Had I given her enough time, she would have knocked it to the floor in hopes that the lid would pop open to expose all that raspberry goodness. :) As reference, I will point you to the Cornbread Muffins Incident.

After watching for a few seconds, I reminded Lily that she was engaging in naughty behavior and gently removed her from the counter. 

And yes, I did give her just a tiny taste of raspberry strudel, for all of her trouble. :)

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