06 September 2013

Feline Friday: JAMMED!

 Naughty Lily! I recently bought her a very basic automatic feeder to use when we have to be gone overnight. Lily is not one of those kitties who will pace herself and nibble at her food over an extended period of time. Nope, not Lily. Her weekend allotment of food would be gone before we're out of the driveway! (I'm not exaggerating -- this has actually happened!)

So I put the feeder out for a trial run just to be sure it worked as planned. But would Lily leave it alone? NO! She was determined to figure out how to open it!

 She smelled the food inside...

...and she tried to fit her paw between the containers.

Then she decided to work from the front side.

She worked and worked, pushing the container around the floor with her nose. I'll admit it was pretty cute at first!

 Then she got out those naughty claws! I was worried she was going to destroy the feeder before its maiden voyage!

She picked and scraped...and scraped and picked...

...but ultimately the feeder stood up to her shenanigans!

So on a recent trip, I thought I'd give the feeder a trial run. I had arranged for a cat-sitter to stop by and take care of the girls, but I put a little "extra" food in the feeder for Lily.

Well, Naughty Lily JAMMED the feeder while we were gone! Do you see how the tray is pulled out in the photo below? She pulled both trays forward, while the lids were closed, which JAMMED the mechanism and prevented the lids from opening! Good thing I had arranged for the cat-sitter to feed her, or she would have had a hungry couple of days!
Next time, I'll have to put duct-tape along the front side of the feeder. You'd think we have a puppy in the house! Gotta love  our Lily! :)

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Kathy M said...

Smart girl!