13 September 2013

Feline Friday: Chair Wars

Blogging friends: Please continue to bear with me in the next few weeks as I make final preparations for my parents' estate sale. I hope to be back to my regular blogging routine in October. 

Thank goodness for our kitties! They are such a help and comfort during this rough time. Never a dull moment with them! This week, I brought home an antique chair from my parents' house. Tinsel hadn't seen it in years but remembered it immediately, hopping up on it the minute I carried it inside. I had to lift her up to put a protective towel on the embroidered seat.

All was well until Lily discovered the chair and claimed it for her own. Now we have intense competition for seat time, complete with growling and hissing.

Seriously, girls. It's not THAT comfortable!

1 comment:

Kristina said...

LOL....we have a wicker bowl that is fought over. Sometimes I think Tucker camps out in it as long as he does just to make the other made mad.