16 January 2012

The Power of Pattern

 In the past few weeks, the Dreaded Fitness Place has been undergoing a bit of a remodel. I thought it was perfectly fine to begin with but, as we all know, my fitness expectations are fairly low. 

I was intrigued, however, when they began painting the walls very intense but unrelated colors. To be sure, color can affect one's mood -- and presumably one's desire to exercise -- but I wasn't sure if I could handle a color scheme with no coherent theme. A rust wall, a bright orange wall, a lime green wall...what was going on??? (Yeah, I hear you...maybe I should have been spending more time on the elliptical and less time worrying about color...)

Finally, everything came together when they installed a cool graphic which incorporates the seemingly unrelated wall colors. It's amazing how a pattern can do that! And it's a grid, too! (Do you know how much I love grids? Almost as much as I love stripes!)

Now that I understand the new color scheme, I'm just SURE that it's going to work wonders for me at the Dreaded Fitness Place!