09 January 2012

Eagle Observation

 For the past several weeks, a group of bald eagles has been hunting near a small pond close to where we live. You can't miss them, because nature enthusiasts have been also camped out by the pond with their binoculars and high-powered cameras. Their vehicles line the shoulder of the busy highway near the pond.

I pass by the pond frequently, but only last week did I finally have my camera with me and have time to stop. I pulled off the highway and got out of my SUV. I could tell by the strong scent in the air that this must be a good place for the eagles to fish. Whew! 

I don't have a big camera, but I still managed to get a few decent shots of the eagles with my little point-and-shoot camera ...
...even though the trees where they were perched were fairly far from where I stood.

I'm old enough to remember when eagles were very much in danger of dying out, so I'm rather amazed by the fact that today there are so many of them just hanging out and doing their food chain thing almost in our own backyard.

As I stood and watched, one of the eagles must have spotted a fish in the pond. He began a long, circular spiral down toward the water.

As he got closer to the water's surface, he looped up again and headed back to the tree. No fish this time.

But later that day, I stopped again (this time without my camera) and saw another eagle spiral downward and attempt to snag a fish from the water. From where I was standing, I couldn't see the catch in his talons but I assume he was successful.

What a privilege it is to see these mighty birds at work in our midst. If you live in the Des Moines area, don't miss this amazing sight.


Judy said...

Where is this at Janet? I am going to be in the Johnston, Des Moines, Urbandale area tomorrow after work and might be able to get there before it gets too dark to view. Thanks for sharing these great photos. I too remember when the bald eagle was about to become extinct so am also glad that they are making a come back. We used to have one up by us but have not seen him this year.

Janet said...

Judy, it's at the corner of NW 66th Avenue (east-west road) and NW 26th Street (north-south road). There is a pond at that intersection, just past the Johnston soccer fields and across the street from Casey's. It's also very close to Tri-City Self Storage. Message me on Facebook if you need more info!

Fonda said...

This is Coool!!

Maureen said...

Wow! Too cool... what a great sight to behold.