08 April 2011

Feline Friday: A trip to the OUTSIDE!

We've had a few very nice days here lately, so you know what that means:
It's time to take a trip to the OUTSIDE!

As soon as I dug out the collar, the girls came running. It's been a long winter and they could not WAIT to smell the fresh air!

This time, Lily got to go first. Tinsel waited patiently for her turn.

Ahhh, the sweet smell of...last year's mulch!

While we were outside, Lily got a good brushing. YIKES! She's shedding her winter coat like there's no tomorrow!

After styling, she posed for a glamour shot. (Notice Tinsel in the background, still waiting...)

Okay, Tinsel, now it's your turn!

Tinsel was outside no more than 30 seconds when she decided she was DONE with the outside and wanted back inside, thank you very much!

Fine, Tinsel. Next time you can be first.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I love that you leash your cats and take them outside. I wish I had done that with mine when they were younger. They both stare longingly outside so often...but I really think trying to put 14 & 15 year old cat in a collar for the first time - much less a leash - would probably not end well. :(