21 April 2011

Feline Friday: An Easter REPEAT

A few years ago, I got the bright idea that it would be cute for The Girls to do an Easter Photo Shoot. With bunny ears. I mean, what could possibly be more fun than strapping bunny ears on your kitty?

Long story short: There will never, ever be another Easter Photo Shoot at our house. Unless one of us (meaning Lily, Tinsel, or ME) is sedated.

THEREFORE each year I have to RE-POST some version of these Easter photos because, gentle blog readers, THERE WILL NEVER, EVER BE NEW ONES.

First, we have a blurry shot of Lily wearing the ears. Admittedly, this is not the most flattering camera angle. You can see that Daughter (much younger in these photos) has Lily in a death grip. Perhaps the Easter Photo Shoot should have stopped right there...

Next, we have Lily playing the role of the very rare and incredibly surly

Next, we have Tinsel as the slightly cross-eyed I'm-Going-To-Kill-You-While-You-Sleep Bunny.

And finally, we have Tinsel doing her best imitation of the evil, green-eyed Bunnicula.

In spite of these photos, we send our Easter greetings from our house to yours!


Daisy said...

Happy Easter, buddies!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

So cute! And much better to just repost than to try a redo. I reposted my favorite Passover post too. :-)