21 July 2017

Feline Friday: Treat Thief!

I guess you know you're a crazy cat lady when you start keeping cat treats in your nightstand drawer. I'm not sure if it's a really bad idea or the best idea I've ever had. 

Either way, Lily certainly knows where the bedtime treats are kept and will wait expectantly by the nightstand until I dole out her nightly rations.

This week, I left the drawer open for a minute and came back to find her actively trying to steal treats. Even though it was a Little Bit Naughty, I had to document her valiant efforts because, let's face it...she's pretty cute. :)

#1 -- Lily confirms the location of the treats with help from her super senses. Right ear tilts weirdly to detect sounds of treats rattling in the drawer!

#2 -- She stands higher on her tippy toes so she can get a good look at those delicious treats! YUM!

 #3 -- She's going in! SUCCESS!


Kimberly Marie said...

Just too darn cute!! You really have to keep an eye on that sneaky kitty!

Janet said...

She can be TROUBLE! But I love her dearly! :)