15 February 2010

Monday Musings

It's Monday and time for list of what's on my mind:

THE SNOW. Will it ever end? We have snow on top of snow on top of snow. Along with the snow comes sand tracked through the house and ice-melt on shoes and pants. Yesterday I swept up enough sand in the laundry room to fill a sandbox. Sheesh!

LILY'S WEIGHT. Enough said.

SCRAPBOOKING. The scrapbooks for graduation aren't coming along nearly as well as I'd hoped. I've made a huge amount of progress, but I guess I had more to do than I realized. I haven't given up hope, and I will continue to finish as much as I can, but I may not make my goal of having DD's entire life scrapbooked. Not that anyone would look at all those albums anyway, but still...

AUDITIONS. DD is in the midst of auditions for college music ed/percussion programs. She's cool as a cucumber about the auditions, but I'm in a knot. I'll be much happier when this part of the process is done and we know what next year will bring.

DIET COKE. Or lack of it. I had to give it up a couple of weeks ago because I started having rather severe palpitations. I know that Diet Coke has this effect on me, but still I succumbed! Now the palpitations are gone, but so is the Diet Coke. It's sad, really.

COFFEE. Thankfully, I am back to having a bit of coffee every morning. It was an ugly two weeks with no Diet Coke and no coffee.

OLYMPICS. I'm afraid to watch Olympic figure skating because I do not like to see skaters fall. During the last round of the winter Olympics, it seemed like every single skater fell.

Speaking of the Olympics, why do some female skaters pull their tights over the top of their skates? They surely do not think that doing so disguises the fact that they're wearing skates. It just looks weird to me. I'm going to start wearing my tights over the top of my shoes. (Okay, not really...I don't wear tights. But if I DID...)


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I don't know anything about skates or tights, but I know the snow is that cotton picking ground hog's fault. He sees his shadow every year! Couldn't he just suck it up, & have some courage one of these years so winter could end early for a change?!?!?!?!

Spicey Cat Chick said...

Oh my, you crack me up! I've been 'lurking' on your blog for awhile and apologize for not commenting sooner. I agree with you on pretty much everything! I love the 'look' of the snow but hate it in spilling into my shoes and making my socks wet...hmmm, maybe that's an advantage to the whole tights over shoes/skates things. Keeps the brrrr out!

How HORRID to suffer without DC. I'm a coffee addict and have recently added Coke Zero (preferrably Cherry) to my liquid mojo. I would have serious issues if I had to stop them for a day, let alone 2 weeks. Then again, maybe that tick in my eye would ease up if I did.

I'm mom to seven kitties (no human babies) but I haven't even started to scrapbook their lives, so I can't imagine the stress (we have a Lily in the herd too).

Olympics - haven't watched them either. Ever since the tradegy with the luge athlete, I don't want to stress myself out more watching them.

Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and your post today really hit home. The whole tights/skates thing has boggled me for years. Maybe it's a 'wind resistence' thing? Those darn laces might slow a girl down in her spinning sit down move thingey. :o)

Maureen said...

Ah we are used to snow, but we use very little salt, so it's mostly slush I have to clean up!

I am loving watching the Olympics; I even got a nice surprise from hubby for Valentine's Day that is Olympic-related; which I will post soon about.

Fonda said...

Love hearing what's on your mind Janet. We missed you at GNO, but sounds like you are very busy! Hope to see you soon.

Debbie said...

So glad I live in California and don't have to put up with snow (of course we have traffic and smog and high housing prices and......)
Copper has weight problems too. I have tried to get him to lose some but it doesn' seem to work. Good luck with those scrapbooks, you have worked soooooo hard.

Janet said...
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Janet said...

Jill - I hear you on that ground hog thing! I'm normally not one to complain about snow but this is getting ridiculous. We have broken records for the longest continuous snow-cover!

Spicey Cat Chick - Thank you so much for visiting my blog! How fun to have 7 cats...I would have 7 myself, but I'd have to get rid of DH first. lol

Maureen - The Olympics coverage is making me want to visit Canada again! We were in the Vancouver area a few years ago and I almost didn't come home, I loved it so much...

Fonda -- Hope to be at GNO next month! It's nuts around here...

Debbie -- My vet suggested giving Lily green beans to fill her up without adding calories, along with a smaller amount of her regular food. She loves them and they do seem to keep her satisfied longer than her dry food (which she swallows whole). Gotta be better than Cheetos, her preferred snack! lol

Cheri said...

I just love your random musings:) I was just saying earlier today how unusual it was that we've had CONTINUOUS snow cover with little to no melting in between snow falls.

I was seriously ROTFLing at the giving up your DH if you were to get 7 cats:)