03 December 2008

It's all about the hair

I'm weeks behind Cathy Zielske's online class I'm taking over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. This is probably not a surprise, but I do not like to fall behind! Fortunately, you can catch up on the missed projects anytime. I'm frustrated with myself that I got so far behind, but I'm very motivated to get back on track!

Here's a layout
from class I just finished up using one of Cathy's fabulously simple sketches. If I recall, this one was about white space, but I could be wrong. It exemplifies all the things I love about her style: clean lines, minimal embellishments, solid colors, and ample room for the story.

If you click on this layout, you should be able to read the journaling. In a nutshell, it's all about the process we use to achieve "show choir hair". We spend enough time on the hair during show choir season that I thought it worthy of documentation. :-)


Lily said...

love the clean look.

thanks for the ww suggestion for my blog!

Fonda said...

Love this story, and yes it's certainly worth documenting! I'm also behind in the class, but feel like it won't be too hard to catch up either. I love her simple sketches that you can get a lot of photos onto! Great job on this one!

Kristina said...

Love your hair story and it makes me know how lucky I am for having a son because I am NO GOOD with hair. Even my own...as a teenager I kept it short and simple because I didn't like to fuss with it. Bailey looks great in the finished photo!

Darcey said...

Nice Layout!!

Linda said...

Very nice layout! I hope you caught up with your class quickly.

Cheri said...

I'll say the opposite of Kris...I wish I had a girl to have fun with her hair:) I remember the hoops Mom and I used to jump through for my hair, and will miss that.
Kudos to you for recognizing the story here and documenting it!