04 April 2006


So yesterday was the day for me to catch up on some projects for the store. The task looming ahead of me was to create instructions for 4 projects. Soon after starting to type up my text in Word, I noticed something was horribly wrong: every time I typed certain words (like "a", "and", or "the") they were replaced by "April Fool's!"! I was sure I had some dreaded April Fool's Day Virus and proceeded to spend the next 2 hours searching all over the web for 1) the name of the virus and 2) how to get rid of it. Two complete virus scans of the computer detected nothing. DH was on the verge of recommending a complete scrubbing of the computer.

Coming up at a complete loss, I finally posted a message on 2Peas asking if anyone had heard of this virus (in case you didn't know, the Peas collectively know EVERYTHING). Within a few minutes, some kind soul replied that no, it was not a virus, but more likely that SOMEONE was playing a trick on me using the Auto-Correct feature in MS Word.

Someone playing an April Fool's trick on ME? Two days late? I knew immediately who was on my short list of suspects.

When I picked up the suspect at school, I told her I was late because I had been searching for the source of the computer VIRUS that had infected my documents. Had she ever heard of such a thing, I asked?

At which point the suspect broke into fits of hysterical laughter, not only because she really got me, but also because I had proceeded to embarrass myself on a huge world-wide message board inquiring about the April Fool's Day virus.

Suspect, just you wait 'til next year.


The Smart One said...

Of course when you get hammered every year without fail and still don't have a clue someone is tagging you again on April 1, you probably deserve what happens. That's what makes it so much more enjoyable. AND incredibly easy.
Hey! Look out behind you.... thre's a BEAR!!

el geniuso said...

You just wait until next year....