28 March 2006

Newsflash! Blog goes public!

Ok, maybe public is not the right word, since I may be the only one to read it. What was holding up the launch, you ask? I'll tell you....finding a great blog name. I really like this one, but it may change at some point in the future.

So what are my goals with this blog? Hmmm....
  • To discuss various attributes of both cats and cardstock
  • To write more, especially stuff that could be used for my scrapbooks
  • To inspire myself and any wayward soul who might happen to pass this way
  • To avoid political ramblings, if at all possible
  • To learn how to add cool features to my blog, thus improving my technical skills
  • To look really hip by having a blog!

...With perhaps more goals to be added as I progress!

1 comment:

The Queen said...

Nice goals, but the part about being hip....ummmm....not working just yet....