03 February 2023

Feline Friday

 We're in the deep freeze here in Iowa but now that the Christmas trees are finally put away, Lily's cat tree has been moved back to its sunny spot next to the kitchen window. This is her favorite place to nap in the afternoons, provided the sun is shining.

When I approach her softly, she instantly begins to purr and those little feets start making "air biscuits" -- kneading in and out, in and out. It's just about the cutest thing you've ever seen!

Here's to plenty of time this weekend on your own "cat tree" or similar relaxing spot!

27 January 2023

Feline Friday

 This week in Lily's adventuresome life:

Waiting for Meowmy to get up in the morning! Notice that one of Meowmy's socks is inside out. :)

Enjoying our newly recovered Danish modern chairs! Lily never lays on furniture so we know she must approve!
Sporting a wet nose from eating canned food from a bowl! When Lily ate from a plate, her nose never got wet like this. It's completely adorable.

Happy Feline Friday, friends!

20 January 2023

Feline Friday

 Lily is not always ladylike! One evening this week, I turned on the light and found her like this, washing her tummy. :)

It can be hard to reach those spots, especially for a senior girl!

I always enjoy her various contortions! But there are a few spots near her tail that she just can't reach and are prone to matting, so Meowmy brushes those areas daily.

I'll do anything to help my senior girl!

13 January 2023

Feline Friday

YIKES! It's not nearly as much fun to put away Christmas decorations as it is to put them up!


This is how Lily and I feel about this task!

This "display" could work for Valentine's Day, right? RIGHT? :)


06 January 2023

Feline Friday

Happy MEW Year to all!

 All the activity over the Christmas holiday proved tiring to Lily. She is a senior girl, you know!

She even played games, something she's not used to!

After the holiday festivities and all the extra treats, we're all looking to clean up our eating and exercise more. Lily recommends rotisserie chicken!

She's also decided to join me on the annual 30 Days of Yoga challenge at YWA. This is the view from my yoga mat! She's working on Resting Cat, one of her favorite poses. :)

 Here's to a happy and healthy year ahead!




30 December 2022

Feline Friday

 Yikes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted! All is well at our house. 

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas with the kids visiting for the first time since last holiday season. 

We had so much fun that Lily was tuckered out! It’s pitiful when you fall asleep on your Christmas stocking! 

Here's to a happy and healthy new year!

09 December 2022

Feline Friday

Funny how all cats have their own unique little "things". They are definitely creatures of habit!

Every time I roll out my yoga mat, Lily comes running. She'll often sit on the mat (brave girl!) whilst I practice but then moves to the hallway to wait for me to finish. I can hear her snoring while I'm doing my downward dogs!

Lily is not much of a lap kitty these days with one exception: When I'm drinking coffee in the morning, she'll sit on my lap for quite awhile. I know she's only looking for melted butter on someone's toast or perhaps a taste of cereal milk...but anytime she's willing to sit on my lap, I'll take it!

I love all of her little habits and routines!

02 December 2022

Feline Friday

 We were in Texas visiting our daughter and her husband over Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time hanging out for a few days!

While we were gone, Lily's Squad of cat sitters popped in every day. She loves her sitters!

Just look at these adorable pictures!

As you can see, she's in heaven! 

 I'm very grateful we have such good sitters that Lily and I both trust. It gives Meowmy peace of mind to know that my sweet senior girl is in good hands...er, paws!

25 November 2022

Feline Friday with Rory

 Daughter’s kitty Rory is living her best life! 

From being found on the streets to having everything she could want, Rory is one lucky girl. 

Games, toys, treats, blankies, and plenty of cuddles…she has it all!

She is very loved!

18 November 2022

Feline Friday: Ranch!

What's the deal with cats (at least MY cats) and Ranch salad dressing? 

Lily is crazed for it and so was our late kitty, Tinsel. 

I'm talking OBSESSED!

Lily can detect Ranch from anywhere in the house, even if I'm very careful about how I open the bottle! Lately, she's become so adept at Ranch Detection that she shows up in the kitchen anytime I open a bag of salad (might be Ranch!) or even cut up some celery (Mom might be dipping it in Ranch!). It's seriously out of control!

 Now of course, she only gets a few tiny tastes off of my finger. Ranch contains onion powder and garlic powder, both of which are no-no's for kitties. I think she'd enjoy the entire bottle if given the opportunity!

Lily hopes everyone has a great weekend...with RANCH!

11 November 2022

Feline Friday

 This last weekend, we set the clocks back an hour as we always do this time of year. Spouse didn't re-set Lily's automatic feeder because, frankly, it's a pain. So her dry food now dispenses at 8:30pm instead of 9:30.

When the food dispenser released its tasty morsels an hour earlier on the first evening after the time change, Lily was sound asleep and caught by surprise -- completely unaware that the clocks had been set back. But it only took once to reset her internal clock!


The next night, she woke up from her evening nap at about 8:20pm and began her routine of staring at the feeder!

Smart girl knows how to tell time! 😉

04 November 2022

Feline Friday

 Ahh, yes, it's true that I have so many pictures of Lily on my phone that I have to pay for more storage each month. 

Spouse questions me every time he sees me taking a picture: "You have hundreds of that same picture!"

I actually don't think that's the case. 😉

But even so, I simply cannot resist capturing THIS sweet moment on THIS day!