16 June 2023

Feline Friday with Rory

I've just learned that this is Rory’s "morning coffee position" -- every single day. Rory rests her little chinny chin chin on her meowmy's leg whilst she enjoys a cup or two.

Isn’t that the cutest?

09 June 2023

Feline Friday

 It's the paws!

Those sweet white paws have always been Lily's best feature!

02 June 2023

Feline Friday

I've been missing in action for a few weeks but I'm back now, sort of! Can't miss the opportunity to say
to this sweet little nugget!

It's been 17 years of bliss with this girl. She's just the sweetest kitty ever, except when she's at the vet or cat shows. :)

I mean seriously, she hasn't changed a bit! I'm so grateful for all the years with her. Here's to many more, Lily!


28 April 2023

Feline Friday

 Lily seems to be getting a little better about sitting on my lap. She used to sit on my lap frequently when she was a kitten but got away from it over the past few years.

It has taken quite a bit of diligence to get her back in the habit of sitting on my lap. Why would she choose to nap on the floor when she could sleep on my comfy lap?

Little by little, she is staying a bit longer each time I capture her!

21 April 2023

Feline Friday with Rory

 We are back from a trip to Texas to visit our daughter, son-in-law, and of course -- Cousin Rory! Although she still won't sit on my lap or purr for me, she was friendly and fairly social. Given enough time with her, I'm sure we'd be best friends!

Rory reminds me so much of our sweet kitty Tinsel who has been gone for a few years now. But Rory is soooo much bigger. Her feet are huge!

She's not a fan of bows, but of course that didn't stop me! :) She was sporting this purple tuile bow just long enough for me to take a picture.

I love how her fur sticks out on the back of her head. Makes me laugh! It fits her goofy personality!

She's such a sweet girl! She's definitely living her best life!

07 April 2023

Feline Friday

 Happy Birthday to Lily!

This sweet girl turned 17 on April 5! It's hard to believe she's that old. I'm thankful for her continuing good health and appreciate all the joy she brings to my life every single day!

Click HERE to see Lily as a tiny baby!

31 March 2023

Feline Friday

 Last weekend, Lily got the idea to go up on the fireplace mantel. Now that she's a senior girl, she needs a little help getting up there. I'm only happy to oblige! 

She likes to walk across the mantel and sit on the deep shelves on either side. Sometimes she stands on her tippy toes and looks out the windows.

 This time, she was content to just sit by the picture of our sweet Tinsel who has been gone since 2017.

I miss Sissy, too, Lily. So very much. 💓

10 March 2023

Feline Friday: At the Spa

Oh, my goodness, it is soooo dry in our house that we might as well be living in the desert. Humidity lower than 20% can't be good for us or Lily!

I recently bought a small humidifier which is helping with our desert-like conditions. Lily is suprisingly interested in it! Whenever it's on, she plants herself right next to it.


 It must feel like a spa day to her! It sure does to me!

03 March 2023

Feline Friday


If you saw this face first thing in the morning, wouldn't you give it a tiny taste of butter from your toasted English muffin? 

Why yes, of course you would! :)